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"I first met Kyle and Kelly when they were selling their home, they interviewed me and I sold their home. When I saw their basement development, I asked who did it, as it looked very nice. Kyle said he’d done it himself, as he had his own company, Coyote Interiors Inc.

At that point, I really needed someone to do work for a lot of my clients and Kyle said he would be more than happy to help. I also explained that I have had people in the past that would either not do a good job, or wouldn’t finish the job. This is definitely not my experience with Coyote Interiors.

It’s been quite a few years, and I have referred numerous clients to have renovations done, finish basements or sometimes even just for little jobs. Coyote Interiors is always willing to help my clients with small items to get their home ready to go on the market, or on large renovation projects. The other great thing is, Kyle has done lots of renovations on my own property, so I know first hand he takes pride in what he does.

I will continue to refer Coyote Interiors Inc., as I know they will do a great job, big or small, and will treat my clients the same way I treat my clients."


"I was given Coyote Interior’s name by my Realtor. I had to take a giant leap of faith as time limited my ability to compare and search out other contractors. I hit the jackpot.

What I like about Kyle is:
- he always shows up when he says he will
- the quote never changes unless I change things
- he does really good work
- if he can’t do it, he gets people in who can (e.g. plumbers and electricians)
- he is open to suggestions and easy to talk to

Since our initial meeting he has been back to my home on numerous occasions for some major and not so major reno’s. I don’t even bother to look for anyone else anymore, as I know Coyote Interiors Inc. will always do a good job."


"The work of Coyote Interiors is of high quality, timely, and absolutely

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